Mobile Equipment Mechanic

Currently working on a project that requires heavy equipment? To ensure your project success, everything must be in order, and tasks must be carried out on time and as planned. At Effective Plant Maintenance, we understand that even if you are staffed by some of the best workers in the industry, you will only be able to really move things along if your equipment is just as efficient as your people. When your equipment needs servicing or starts acting up, call in our mobile Equipment mechanics right away. We go to your project sites with our tools and expertise to get your equipment back up and running in no time.

What does a mobile equipment mechanic do?



Mobile equipment mechanics have trained eyes that can spot damage or identify problems correctly. We visit your site and perform a thorough inspection of your light and heavy construction equipment. We give special attention to systems such as lubrication, cooling, hydraulic and electrical checking oil and coolant levels, fuel, gauges and meters, tyres, tracks, rollers, bearings and batteries. If we detect existing or potential problems, we will inform you and carry out the appropriate remedies that you chose to have undertaken.


Maintenance and inspection


We perform maintenance work, such as scheduled servicing, work site compliance inspections, cleaning, lubricants and filter replacements, testing machine functions, and more. Being pro-active can avoid breakdowns when you need your plant most. If we see anything of concern during our servicing or inspections we will advise you of our findings and you decide what work you want done. The amount of maintenance work required depends on the condition of the machine, number of hours run as well as the conditions it operates in. You can trust us to perform maintenance work to meet your requirements. As industry experts, we can also suggest and/or perform strategies for preventive maintenance.


We perform repairs on your equipment when and where you need. You don’t have to be concerned about moving your equipment which increases down-time and adds float costs, our mobile services ensure that your equipment can usually stay where it is while we resolve any issues it may have.
If machine parts start becoming defective, the reliability of your machine is jeopardised and your entire workflow is at risk. We use quality parts and fit them in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements. From dismantling to reassembling, we get the work done for you.

Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Equipment Mechanic at Effective Plant Maintenance


Hire specialised mechanical services


Using heavy equipment comes with serious risk for injury and even fatalities. To ensure you mitigate these risks, invest in specialised services. Our heavy equipment mechanics possess a deep knowledge of the science and engineering behind heavy equipment. They are also backed by years of experience in maintenance and repair and support of industry networks. Mobile equipment mechanic


Save time and money in the long run


With regular maintenance, thorough fault-finding, and quick response to problems, you can extend your equipment’s life.


Heavy equipment are themselves major investments. Ensuring they are fully usable for a long time helps you generate a return of your investment. Preventive maintenance and immediate repairs will also significantly reduce maintenance cost, which allows you to save a ton of money.


Having fully functional equipment also avoids lag time in the workplace, allowing you to stay on-schedule with your projects.


Task delegation


Do what you do best and get us to do what we do best. If your staff are tinkering with a machine they aren’t out there making you money. 


Each aspect of a project requires specialised knowledge from each of the members of its diversely qualified team. For you and your staff to be able to focus on the project itself, call us in to handle your maintenance and repair work. This can take a huge weight off yours and your staff’s shoulders, thereby ensuring overall efficiency.

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