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Effective plant maintenance – Plant Mechanic, mobile plant mechanic & mobile equipment mechanic – When you’re dealing with heavy earthmoving equipment, you need to practise maximum safety precautions and exercise as much care as possible. Damaged equipment can pose serious health and safety risks to your staff, clients, and the people around your project area. Not only that, equipment that works inefficiently will slow down your project’s progress and cause you to miss quotas, deadlines, and other requirements. mobile equipment mechanic and earthmoving equipment repairs. This is why preventive and responsive mobile equipment repair is necessary. To keep your projects up and running at all times, a mobile plant mechanic is who you can count on. Mobile plant mechanics respond to your heavy equipment concerns by diagnosing problems, performing repairs, replacing parts, and doing other relevant maintenance work, right on your project site. Mobile Plant Mechanic At Effective Plant Maintenance, we have years of experience working with all brands and models of plant and machinery. Our years of experience repairing and maintaining heavy equipment has enabled us to serve our clients with utmost expertise. With our large and varied client base, we ensure that we can tend to the service and repair all of your machinery in a one-stop mobile service that saves you time and money.
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At Effective Plant Maintenance we have years of experience working with all brands and models of plant and machinery. Our experience has been gained from working with the dealers, and with our large and varied client base, to ensure that we can service and repair all of your machinery in a one stop mobile service that saves you time and money.


If you suspect that your equipment is faulty or damaged, call Effective Plant Maintenance immediately. The sooner you find out what is wrong, the sooner a solution can be enacted. Our plant mechanics are trained in performing exhaustive equipment audits. We visit your site to check what may be hindering your equipment from functioning at its best. We then recommend the appropriate remedies to get your project back on track.


Repair and Replacement

We perform repairs and replacements on-site as needed. No need to take your equipment out of the site as that could potentially cause more damage to the equipment or pose even higher safety risks for its operators. This is why we service on-site: we understand the urgency of the situation and are willing to respond with immediacy. We perform everything from dismantling to reassembling in the most efficient way possible, aiming to significantly shorten your downtime.

Preventive Maintenance

Our plant mechanics have observed that no matter how old your machinery is, regular maintenance lengthens its life and utility. To ensure your equipment works perfectly at all times, it is important to conduct scheduled inspections and perform minor repairs or replacements if needed. This must be done to avoid even graver damage in the future, which could cost you a fortune. Partner with Effective Plant Maintenance for your regular maintenance needs.

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For over 7 years now, we have served as Sydney’s trusted name in earthmoving equipment repair and maintenance

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Having worked with major brands such as Bobcat, Hitachi, Doosan, Komatsu, Kobelco, Kubota, Roadtec, Peterson, Volvo, Leibherr, Dynapac, Hamm,Case, Takeuchi, and CAT, our experienced mobile plant mechanics provide expert service, repair, and maintenance of construction plant and equipment.

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